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This Week’s Favourites

Antigua: The Land of Fairies, Wizards and Heroes by Larry Ellis and Denise Brown Ellis

This stunning portal fantasy was easily my favourite read of the year. I am almost certain that it is a satirical novel, because I doubt it is humanly possible to make something this horrible while believing that it is good enough to go out into the world. This self-published novel has become quite infamous over the years, particularly in the realm of fantasy novels.

You know you are in for a wild ride from the very start of Antigua, once you read the first line: “Suddenly, there were black clouds in the sky”. The vicious dragon Voltar attacks and four princesses shoot at him with arrows given to them by the Queen of the Unicorns. At this point, the novel seems to be little more than a first draft written by a teenager who thought it was good enough to publish, but when the Wizard Thandor holds his mighty wand up to the clouds and calls forth “lightening” to slay the dragon, you start to wonder whether the whole thing is some twisted joke.

I don’t care either way, because this novel is hilarious.

We aren’t supposed to give anything lower than 1 star rating, but Antigua: The Land of Fairies, Wizards and Heroes gets 0. It’s an absolute must-read for any self-respecting fantasy connoisseur.

A Fate Entwined by JP Talon

I absolutely adored this book. It’s like the author took everything I ever wanted in a fantasy novel and made it happen. A genuinely strong heroine who has to contend with her own dark side? Check. A fantasy setting inspired by Scandinavia? Yep. A clever twist on the tired prophecy trope? It’s got that too. Best of all, A Fate Entwined has one of the most refreshing magic systems I’ve seen in years.

Personally, I thought this was a brilliant read. I don’t even usually like stories written in 1st person, but JP Talon just pulled me straight into Andra’s head. My heart breaks for her as she loses her place in a destiny she was born to fulfil and has her twin brother taken away, all while contending with a dangerous, emotion-fuelled magic that threatens to corrupt her.

If you’re in the mood for a genuinely brilliant epic fantasy with a female protagonist (and no romance, trashy or otherwise), I can’t recommend A Fate Entwined enough. 10/10 stars.