Aircon fix, now!









We need the aircon fixed in our house, pronto! The weather has been ridiculously cool all year, so I haven’t needed to turn my air conditioner on. Now that the weather is heating up, I’ve since found out that my air conditioner is dead. It’s always the way isn’t it? You spend multiple months in the year not using your air conditioner, then once you finally need it, you can’t turn it on. What doesn’t help is that there has been no slow ease into this year’s summer. It was cold all year long, then suddenly one morning this desert-like heat appeared and has failed to simmer.

My boyfriend is really starting to stink at the moment. The house is so hot both of us are sweating like pigs. Some people definitely sweat more than others, and he’s definitely on the sweatier side of the scale. I actually can’t stand getting into bed with him. His stench will wake me up in the middle of the night. I’ve purchased a fan to face him while he sleeps, but that’s not doing much. Rather than cooling my boyfriend down, all the fan does is blow his sweaty stench right up my nostrils while I sleep. Tomorrow I’m going to call an air conditioning repair service. Brighton may have beaches nearby where I can cool down, but sometimes I just want to be able to sit in my home and enjoy the cool breeze of my aircon.

We moved into this house in winter, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the air conditioning was damaged before we even came here. In the check the real estate agent gave us, they said everything was in working order. Then again, who trusts estate agents?

Now that I think about it, this isn’t the first time we’ve had problems with air conditioning. Black Rock, where we used to live, was notorious for air conditioning issues. I distinctly remember speaking to my neighbours, and most of them having some sort of aircon struggle. Granted, it was during a year when we had some very hot summers!