Clinic Eye Test

On the ninety-eighth day of my stubborn refusal to take my nephew to the eye clinic for new glasses, my sanity was hanging by a thread. The letter that had initially commanded me to do so had vanished, but the consequences of my defiance haunted us. Our family had endured an unprecedented ordeal, all thanks to my nephew’s involvement with that Dumb-door guy and his wizard school. Our neighbours looked at us with disdain, tarnishing my social status, but it was the arrival of another letter that shattered my resolve. The three words it bore, “Remember my last,” sent shivers down my spine, and I knew I had to take action. 

The very next day, I surrendered and took my nephew to the best optometrist in Bentleigh. Determined to spare no expense, I sought out the most highly qualified professionals in our area. As we entered the clinic, we were welcomed warmly, offered tea and biscuits, and ushered into a plush waiting room. My nephew’s face lit up with delight, thinking I had finally done something nice for him. Little did he know that my intentions were driven by the desperate need to shield him from his mysterious wizard heritage. 

Surprisingly, fate seemed to be on my side during the appointment. Not only did they fix his glasses, but they also provided him with an eye treatment and a free eye test close to Brighton. Such services were a rarity in Brighton, and it turned out that my nephew qualified for these benefits annually until he reached adulthood. Thankfully, this financial burden would now be lifted from my husband and me. Perhaps, after this, my nephew could even handle his appointments on his own, and who knows, he might discover his magical peers in the process.

As we left the clinic, I couldn’t help but feel a mixture of relief and anxiety. While the immediate problem had been resolved, the shadow of the wizard gangster still loomed over us. I realised that my nephew’s connection to the wizarding world might not be so easily severed. Nevertheless, I was determined to protect him and our family, whatever the cost.

Despite my initial resistance, I had come to understand that embracing my nephew’s magical heritage was crucial to his well-being. The letters had ceased for now, but the mystery of the wizarding world remained. I resolved to be there for my nephew, no matter the challenges that lay ahead. The path may be uncertain, but with love and support, we would navigate through the magical complexities together.