Hardware Store Sanctuary

I am exhausted waiting for the news and trying to be a good friend. I hope I can have a better update for you sometime soon, but I don’t think I will. It feels like time is passing by so slowly now whilst we wait for him to wake up. In the time he’s been asleep I’ve built a coffee table and two big light up hearts to give to my friend and her family as a gift.

If I wasn’t so upset about the situation, I might actually be really proud of my work. But it feels wrong to sit back and admire the work that I’ve done when my friend is about to get the results from her dad’s MRI and it could be a bad result.  

I guess if I pretend even just for a second that everything is okay with my friend’s dad then I can admire my work. I’m glad I worked with fairy lights rather than trying to create something using my spare plumbing supplies. Cheltenham is renowned for bad plumbing and so I always have plumbing supplies on hand, but I would never want to build anything with them. That would be gross. Yeah, using fairy lights are definitely the better option.

I guess it’s just hard for me to be happy when everything is so sad. I am filled with empathy and I feed off the emotions of others, which is why my friend being in pain is so much for me to handle. You know what? I can feel myself spiralling again. That means I have to get myself out of the house and go to the hardware store local to Sandringham. To be honest, I could go anywhere and it would be okay but going there where I can be inspired to create something special will help me the most.

I have a feeling the next time I blog we’ll know more about my friend’s dad. Hopefully, it’s news that I’m happy to report.