Caught On Camera

I caught something strange on camera. Something that I can’t, and potentially don’t want, to explain. I’m not sure what I saw yet but whatever it was, I don’t think it was good. It is too much for my narrow-minded brain to consider and if I didn’t potentially see it with my own eyes, then I would certainly not have considered anything like this to exist.

I’ve been watching the footage on playback on my camera for about a week now, but I can’t see this thing clearly enough. I need to somehow get it to a bigger, clearer screen to see if what I think I’ve seen is actually true. I know all of this is really vague, but it has to be because of the nature of this public forum. I wouldn’t want to get myself into trouble for claiming something as true when it was just a trick of the eye. I think I may need a company offering video production services to view this footage and turn it into something easy enough to view. I don’t know much about video production, but maybe if the video production specialists can work their magic, then, I’ll be able to see the true contents of this footage.

I’m actually a bit nervous to present this footage to the video production company. Should I tell them what’s on it first to give them a warning that they may see something that many of us have never fathomed before, or should I just stay silent and see what happens? What if the footage gives them the shock of their life or what if the footage actually doesn’t have on it like I think it would? 

Regardless of what happens, I definitely need their post-production services. In the Melbourne area, there are a plethora of production companies around that could help me. I guess we’ll just see what happens. I’ll keep you guys updated. Who knows where it’ll go from here.