House Installation Needs

After literal years of renting crappy apartments, I’m finally moving into my own house! I’m so happy I could run out into the street and scream. I’m sure my neighbours would look at me weirdly, but who cares? I’m never going to see them again. And what a relief that is. No more neighbours hitting my car and refusing to identify themselves afterwards. No more rubbish flying out of another apartment’s bins and onto my own balcony.

I’m currently getting my new house move-in ready. To start with, I’ve booked a phone line installation company Melbourne forum users suggested to me. My appointment is next week, which I’m more than happy to wait for. Most people don’t use landlines anymore, but I think it’s important to have one just in case. Mobiles are cool and all, but I want my first house to be fully fitted out.

Another thing I have to consider is a bit more obvious, and that’s furniture. Right now, the furniture I’ve been using is suited to a smaller apartment. My house is larger, so I think I’m going to need some new furniture to fit the extra space. In particular, I’m planning to purchase a new couch, some new beds for the additional bedrooms I never had before, and a whole new kitchen and crockery set to fill up all the empty cabinets.

Next on my list is finding a reputable data cable installation service. The last one I had tore a hole in my wall, which obviously went over really well with my landlord. I need one that knows exactly what they’re doing, and I need it fast! This sounds very millennial of me, but I would rather go without running water or heating than go without internet for more than a few days. You might think that’s ridiculous, but I really do need it. Not just for enjoyment, but for my work, too! Everybody is working from home nowadays and I’m no exception.