Relying On Heating

It’s been 87,660 hours since global cooling hit the world. Snow is everywhere these days and there is no longer any concept of the seasons. There is only one season and that season is cold. I’m fortunate enough to remember a life before global cooling. I remember the feeling of the seasons changing, the transition from summer to autumn and the excitement of coming out of winter. Nowadays, we never experience that excitement.

I feel sorry for the children out there who have never known a time without being desperately reliant on annual ducted heating repairs. Canberra had never been a warm place, but it’s actually ridiculous how cold it is now. I used to think I knew what the cold was; I didn’t. I had no idea how cold it could get here in Canberra, and the children of today will have no idea what it was like to feel warm without artificial heat protecting our bodies from the cold. It is truly tragic. 

I don’t know if I have the energy to continue reminiscing on what our lives were like before global cooling. It’s been a long time since it happened and although I have well and truly come to terms with it now, I don’t think looking back on the old days is helping me anymore.

I’m just going to let the technician offering heating services in Canberra into my house each year and hope that they have done enough to keep me warm for another 365 days. I will also hope that the global average temperature doesn’t drop any further or I will really struggle. The whole world would struggle, actually. 

This will be my last post discussing the lives we used to live. I hope you can all understand why this has to be the case. I, like all of you, wish that this wasn’t how our lives would turn out, but unfortunately, we don’t get a choice in the matter.