Internet House Installation

After many years of renting outdated apartments, I finally bought my own house! I’m so happy I could write a letter to the government and force them to make an announcement about it. I’m currently going through the process of ensuring my new house is ready to move in, so that when I actually physically make the move, I won’t have to contend with things like nonexistent plumbing or lights that don’t turn on. To start with, I’ve booked a data cable installation company Melbourne forum users suggested to me a couple of weeks ago. I put the question out and random internet users had a lot of opinions. But when do they not? My appointment is next week, and I’m getting a bit antsy waiting for the experts to arrive at my new house. Internet is a major necessity nowadays, and you really can’t get by more than a few days without it. Especially if you work from home. 

Another thing I have to consider is a lot more fun, and that’s the topic of furniture. Right now, the furniture I’m using is suited to my previous city apartment, which was very small. My house is larger, so I’m going to purchase some extra furniture and sell the previous ones, which no longer work with my bigger space or my aesthetic. I’m planning to purchase a new table, some cutlery and glasses for the kitchen, and a vanity for my bedroom.

But for now, next on my list is finding reputable NBN installation contractors. The last ones who came to my house left a massive hole in my wall, and as I was renting this wasn’t very nice at all. I of course forced them to pay for it, but the inconvenience of that is something I never want to be repeated.

You would think these experts would know what to do, but I guess not. Hopefully, the next installation company that comes to my house does a really good job!