The Tattoo Tourist

Travelling around Australia has been so much fun. I’ve been here as a tourist for about three months now, and I’ve visited places all over the country. Cities, beaches, deserts and mountains. The architecture is amazing, and the natural wonders are even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. I feel like I have changed as a person after this trip, so I want to commemorate my experience before I go back to the cold climate of Europe. This week I’m going to visit the best tattooist Brisbane apparently has and get a tattoo done. Some of my new friends are coming with me, too! These are people I’ve only known for about a week; we met in the north of Queensland and decided to travel together until we reached Brisbane. But then we decided that we liked each other so much that we would stay together for the rest of the trip. It’s funny to see what kinds of relationships are forged while backpacking. There’s a special kind of camaraderie that exists between us, something that isn’t present in the kinds of tourists who stay in hotels and eat out at fancy restaurants for dinner every single night.

This particular tattooist is a realism tattoo artist that I’ve had my eye on for a while. I looked her up online and her social media is wild. She’s got thousands of followers, and her tattoos look insanely real, like they’re a picture instead of a drawing. I’m hoping she’ll help me design my tattoo from scratch, as there are a number of different elements I would like incorporated into the sketch. Things like Australia’s natural flora and fauna, as well as city skylines and a map of the whole country. And also a sketch of my entire route around the country. Am I asking for too much? I hope not. I wouldn’t want it to look too cluttered, but I have a lot of amazing ideas I can’t wait to see drawn on my skin.