Loved My Designs

So I got my designs into the office fit-out specialists in the nick of time. Seriously, you should’ve seen me run all the way from my inner-city apartment to my office space. The fit-out specialists were working on-site at the time to draw up their second round of plans and I had to make it before they finished them. I got there with about thirty minutes to spare I think. The designs were almost completely complete. Is that a redundant phrase? Probably. But it’s true. I was THIS CLOSE to missing out on having any input in the commercial office design of my Melbourne office but luckily, I made it. 

You’re probably curious as to how my plans were received. Well, the designers absolutely loved them! They said that I have a real natural talent for design and that they’re really keen to add my ideas to their current plans. I will admit, I was chuffed. All that panic trying to get the designs in on time was worth it. I know I could have just submitted my designs earlier, but diamonds are made under pressure. And you know what? I made a diamond. 

I’m so excited for the designers and renovators to begin my commercial office fit-outs. In the Melbourne CBD, the look of your office really defines your status in the business world. My office space used to be modern, but I’ve had it for almost thirty years now and it needs an upgrade. It’s one of those things that I’ve been trying to get on top of for years now but I tend to procrastinate things until the last minute. It’s not my fault. It just happens. 

I will probably update you all once the office fit-out is complete. I’ll attach pictures to the blog post when it happens. I’m not sure how long it takes to redesign office spaces. I assume I’ll update you guys in a couple of months.