My Daughter’s Indecision

I’m so sick of people that are indecisive. I’m a real goal-oriented person and I plan my life out to the most minute detail. I find it really frustrating when people aren’t the same. Like, if we make plans to do something, whether that be to hang out at a picnic or going to the movies, I want people to commit. That’s why I am SO frustrated about my daughter. 

My daughter and I aren’t too different in age. I had her when I was eighteen years old. I am in my early thirties now and so I am still very young. I understand what it feels like to be young and have the whole world ahead of me, because that’s my real-life situation. My daughter just happens to be younger.

My daughter is currently responsible for picking her subjects for next year and starting to look ahead to her university career. She refuses to look beyond next year because she doesn’t want to commit to a future that she regrets. I told her that she should seek student career advice in the Melbourne CBD to help her navigate her concerns. The only thing I didn’t want her to do was to be indifferent about her future and stay on the fence. It’s not that hard to choose something and stick to it. I chose to have her and I’ve stuck with that decision every day since. Sticking to something and committing to a future is a good thing.

Despite all my prodding, she is still refusing to go and chat with a career consultant. Melbourne consultants are the best in the business and I think it would really help her. No. Scratch that. I KNOW it would really help her. I think my frustration with her is starting to make her frustrated with me. She’s certainly not in a good mood these days. I’m sure she’ll get over it.