New Car Inspection

I just got back from driving to pick up dinner. I had my route planned out and it was all back streets, so that helped me feel confident whilst driving. The drive went well. There were a couple of instances where I could feel myself starting to panic, but I reminded myself that everything was okay and that nothing bad could happen to me. That helped calm me down and I got the dinner! I’m about to sit down to a delicious plate of pad see ew, so I’ll update you on the rest later.

I mentioned in my last blog post that my therapist has suggested that I buy a car and as I was driving to pick up my food, I made the decision to do so. Tomorrow morning when I wake up I’m going to start looking at some new cars to buy. I’m going to do very thorough vehicle inspections to make sure that the car is suitable for me. I want a car that is as safe as it possibly can be. I want the highest safety rating, the maximum number possible for airbags and an assurance that this car will help me get over my fear of driving. I have no idea if the latter is actually possible, but I know for a fact that the former is.

Once I’ve properly inspected the vehicle, I want to take my new car to the mechanic local to the Morayfield area to do his own inspection. I will feel better getting a second opinion on the quality of my new car. I will also feel better knowing that the mechanic has fully inspected the vehicle to make sure there are no technical or mechanical issues with it. Hopefully, with all this information, I’ll feel better when driving on the road. I have no idea if that will actually be the case, but I really hope it is.