An Animated Opportunity

‘Well? What do you think?’

Leon was pacing back and forth as Michael read and re-read the pages he had handed him. Michael sighed and folded his glasses, tucking them into the top pocket of his shirt. He tossed the paper onto his desk and leaned back in his chair, leather creaking.

‘I think you have potential,’ he admitted, cradling his fingers.

‘Yes!’ Leon pumped his fist, jumping off the office carpet. ‘How much are you gonna give me for them?’

Michael watched him dance around for a bit, tilting his head to see how Leon’s feet moved. He scribbled down a note, then held up a calming hand.

‘Now, now, Leon — let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.’

The young man’s face fell, the excitement of the previous moment already drained away. ‘What do you mean? You said if I brought you a script you’d pay me for it!’

‘What I said was it reminded me of a Melbourne video production company, one that specialises in this type of work, and that I thought you might be a good fit.’

‘That’s… very different to what I remembered,’ Leon admitted, slumping into a chair in front of the desk.

‘It was a loud café,’ Michael shrugged. ‘The point is, I think you have potential.’

‘Potential for what?’

Michael leaned back in his chair, smiling mysteriously. ‘You ever see those Lewenee Tewnes cartoons when you were a kid?’

‘Of course I did,’ Leon said, cautiously. ‘That 2d animation company basically raised me. Why?’

Michael nodded thoughtfully. ‘I may have an opportunity for you.’

‘With them?!’

Michael nodded. ‘From what I’ve seen today, you’d be a perfect fit.’

Leon could barely contain himself. He shot out of his chair and did a triumphant fist pump. Michael laughed. ‘Excellent! That’s exactly the kind of energy you’ll need!’

He got out of his chair and went to the wardrobe, rustling around until he found what he was after. ‘Just one last question,’ he called over his shoulder.

When he turned back around, he was holding a large rabbit costume.

‘How do you feel about birthday parties?’