Cold Office and Coworkers

So I’ve started telling people at my work that I’ve applied for that job and it probably wasn’t a good idea. When I thought their reactions would have been positive, it certainly wasn’t the case. People actually seemed angry and in some cases, even jealous. I was actually a bit taken aback. I considered the people I work with as my friends. Aren’t friends supposed to be happy for each other? Shouldn’t they support me in my new endeavour? I’m quite upset, to be honest. I guess people in Canberra have a bad case of tall poppy syndrome.

It’s not my fault that I’m good at my job and work hard. I honestly think they’re jealous because of the fact that my new office is almost guaranteed to have regular ducted heater servicing. Local to Canberra there are plenty of businesses that do ducted heater servicing but my current boss is just too cheap to pay for it. As I’ll be moving to a larger organisation, it wouldn’t be unfathomable to think that they wouldn’t invest in regular healing services. My new coworkers would probably be shocked about the lack of a heater in my current office. I know for a fact that they’d be shocked at the lack of support I have received. I am definitely moving on to greener pastures. 

When I have my exit interview at my current work, I’m going to cite a number of reasons as to why I’m leaving, with one being the lack of heating repairs. Canberra is just too cold to not have a functioning heater. I don’t know why my boss could get away with it and think that he wouldn’t lose talent. Oh well. Not my problem I guess.

The next time I write a blog post I’ll have worked at my new job for a couple of days. I’m really looking forward to starting and I very much hope that I love my job. I’ll keep you guys posted.