Spy Feet

Being a national spy for the National Incorporation of Spies is a tough but rewarding job. Yeah, I’m away from home for months at a time doing work that is potentially dangerous and could get me into a lot of trouble if found by the wrong person, but I love it. Risking your life comes with a lot of perks because they (the higher-ups who I have only ever heard of) want to keep us in our jobs. It’s not easy to find highly skilled spies, so keeping them around is in their best interest.

One of the more minor perks of working for the National Incorporation of Spies is that they pay for all of us to visit the local foot specialist in Cheltenham every six months. If at one of these regular appointments the foot specialist notices that there is indeed an issue with our feet, then the National Incorporation of Spies will pay for us to go to the foot specialist as many times as we need until the problem is fixed. 

I needed extremely regular appointments with a foot specialist after a secret mission from a couple of years back. In the mission, I had to stand on my feet for seventy-two hours straight. I had to take power naps standing up and I couldn’t leave my post under any circumstances. This was one of the more mundane secret missions I’ve been on, so I was surprised when I experienced significant foot pain in the form of plantar fasciitis. I can’t believe how much plantar fasciitis hurts! I’ve suffered some very serious injuries in my time as a spy, and this was one that hurt way more than expected. It took me less time to recover from a deep wound than it did to recover from my plantar fasciitis, and that was with the help of the most experienced foot specialist in the area.