The Helpful Renovators

As a personal assistant, I complete a lot of random jobs for my boss. When I first accepted this position, I expected mostly administration jobs related to finance, but I got a lot more than that. Every day is a wild ride. And you know what? I love it. I love the variety. My boss is currently on a mission to update our offices, even though our last major renovation was only a few years ago. Last month, he asked me to attend a sales pitch with him, led by a renowned window frosting company. In the Melbourne CBD, there is apparently a list of thousands of offices that have gained value through their tinting services, and directly after the sales pitch, my boss decided that we would add to that list. 

I was put on the task of watching the firm install the glass to ensure it was done to our rigorous standards. Ultimately, I didn’t have to worry. The firm was professional, friendly and efficient. Despite the hundreds of windows in our offices, the installation only took a few days and was very affordable. Sticking within a suitable budget is important for me, as it is how my performance as a personal assistant is measured. I’m also very grateful for the expertise of the office window tinting experts, as now I’ve learned a lot of cool information to feed back to my boss. Did you know that tinting is one of the best and simplest privacy solutions for businesses? It’s all because people inside the offices can see out, but people on the outside can’t see in. As a major corporation often dealing with sensitive information, this is extremely important to us. The tinting staff provided such brilliant customer service that they even offered to print our logo onto some of the glass, and install decorative options on our meeting rooms – for free! If I ever need a commercial tinter ever again, I will be using these guys. They made me look great in front of my boss.