My Luxury Home

Quiet! You can’t tell anybody, but I recently won the lottery. That mystery, anonymous winner the whole of Victoria is basically on the hunt for? Yeah, that’s me. Fifty million dollars, and it’s all mine. I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do with all of it. I know I’ll donate a fair portion to charity, and the vast majority will be spent on investments and real estate, but the rest? I guess I’ll have to hire a financial advisor for that. Anyway, the very first thing I’m going to do is build my dream home. I’ve always wanted to live on the Mornington Peninsula, but I’ve never had the money to purchase anything but a shack. Now, it’s a different story.

Last week I hired just one of many very well-renowned building companies. Mornington Peninsula firms are generally quite skilled, but with my money I am now able to afford the best. I’ve had my eye on these guys for a while, since they’ve produced some of my favourite homes ever, including sprawling family houses inspired by Roman architecture, and literal mansions that royalty and celebrities have lived in. Personally, I’ve always wanted to build on a block of land close to the beach, so we’ll see if there is anything like that currently available within my budget.

When I met with the builder, I brought a sheet of paper listing all my ideas and concerns. The guy explained that as a luxury custom home builder, it was his job to design and craft homes that delight not just myself, but also everybody who comes to the home as a guest, or is driving past on the street. Prestige builders take every single little nook and cranny into consideration, placing great thought into things like natural lighting for beauty, which is often overlooked in favour of more utilitarian designs. Last week was only my initial design consultation, so I’m looking forward to meeting the company again to discuss this further.