My Luxury Home

Quiet! You can’t tell anybody, but I recently won the lottery. That mystery, anonymous winner the whole of Victoria is basically on the hunt for? Yeah, that’s me. Fifty million dollars, and it’s all mine. I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do with all of it. I know I’ll donate a fair portion …

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Swimming Pool Software

Meg was recently promoted to the head planner position at her building company. After working in a hands-on construction role for more than a decade, she was excited about the change. It also meant she was the main point of contact whenever the company was offered a new project. Today, that project was a major …

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New Sorrento Home

Seeing as we won’t be travelling to Europe any time soon, my husband and I have decided to build a holiday home down in Sorrento. Instead of holidaying in Sorrento, Italy, we’ll spend our next couple of summers holidaying in Sorrento, Victoria. I know it doesn’t even come close to comparing, but it’s better than …

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