Swimming Pool Software

Meg was recently promoted to the head planner position at her building company. After working in a hands-on construction role for more than a decade, she was excited about the change. It also meant she was the main point of contact whenever the company was offered a new project. Today, that project was a major public swimming pool complex in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Determined to succeed in her new role, Meg decided to switch things up. She wasn’t satisfied with the previous mishandling of projects by her company, so before she even assigned staff to the job, she began looking into trade job management software for businesses in the Melbourne area. There were many options to choose from; all designed to simplify the manufacturing process. Her favourite ones included services like fast invoicing and payments, inventory trackers – and, perhaps most importantly, compliance and OHS guarantees.

Building a swimming pool seemed an easy task once Meg began to truly see the benefits of the new software. She couldn’t believe they’d been working without it for so long! The hole was dug and filled with tiles in almost no time, and the surrounding building was one of the most beautiful Meg had ever worked on.

All she had left were the finishing touches to improve the ambience. Luckily, the software she’d purchased also included an attachment for an electrical service scheduling software. Melbourne was rife with construction that month, meaning electrical wholesalers were busy with multiple clients. Meg’s predecessor had drilled into her the importance of keeping a good record of any large purchase orders the company made, and scheduling productivity when the materials arrived.

Meg wasn’t surprised when the clients loved the new swimming pool. After months of hard work, it was even better than she’d imagined. Now, she just had to wait for summer, when families would come down to splash around in the water and make some brilliant memories there. Seeing people enjoy her work was what truly gave her satisfaction.