New Sorrento Home

Seeing as we won’t be travelling to Europe any time soon, my husband and I have decided to build a holiday home down in Sorrento. Instead of holidaying in Sorrento, Italy, we’ll spend our next couple of summers holidaying in Sorrento, Victoria. I know it doesn’t even come close to comparing, but it’s better than staying in Melbourne year-round. 

Yesterday my husband got in contact with the luxury custom home builders in our area to discuss our plans for our home. We’ve purchased a beachside block of land. It’s right on the border of Sorrento and Portsea, which makes it the perfect spot to experience everything the Mornington Peninsula has to offer. We want to get the most out of summers.

My husband and I used to travel for the entirety of Melbourne’s winter. We’d go straight to the northern hemisphere to soak up the sun, drink cocktails in the Mediterranean and swim in beautiful foreign oceans. We would never spend any time in the cold. Unfortunately due to recent events, we don’t have that luxury anymore.

We are fortunate to have an excess of funds available to us at all times, which is why we’ve decided to chat with custom home designers on the Mornington Peninsula about designing a bespoke holiday home for us. We don’t need to have any sort of budget in place and we are happy for them to design a home that is the epitome of luxury. We won’t be spending money overseas any time soon, so we can afford to splurge extra funds on our next holiday home.

This new holiday home will join our large list of homes across Australia. We have homes in Bondi, Margaret River and Port Douglas. Prior to this, we had never considered building a holiday home in Victoria, as we live in the city of Melbourne. But road trips are in fashion these days, and it’s a safe option to have a place to visit in our own home state.