Jammed Phone Line

 I’ve discovered, after all this time on my computer, that I don’t actually know how the internet works. If you asked me I’m sure I could come up with something: fibre-optic cables, undersea cables, phone lines delivering it straight to your modem. But those are just words — I don’t understand it!

If only there was an NBN technician near me, somebody within talking distance who really understood what was happening with all of those wires that disappear over the top of my home. I tried to ask a geek who lives in my building, and he was really helpful (helped me set up my modem with the new NBN and everything). Still, he couldn’t answer the question for me, no matter how many times I called, messaged and faxed him.

Finally, I got a break when my landline broke (I think my neighbour may have had something to do with it) and I had to find somebody who could fix it quickly before I forgot all of my friends’ numbers. After knocking on his door for only ten minutes, he reluctantly told me that if I really wanted an expert opinion, I should contact a phone line installation expert. Melbourne is apparently a pretty good city for that sort of service, and they’re always really happy to help out with issues like mine.

I tried to explain to him that I still didn’t quite understand — and that I’d need to borrow his phone — but he just shut the door in my face and went back to bed. Rude, if you ask me.

Eventually, I found somebody who would let me use their phone (their door was unlocked, same thing) and I called the number my neighbour had given me. To my surprise, it was answered right away, and when I explained my problem to the operator he very patiently answered my question, telling me exactly where the internet comes from.

I think he said it has something to do with undersea cables?