My Winning Kitchen

Guess what! I won a prize. How, you ask? You know when you’re walking through shopping centres and in the middle of the walkway they’ve got those pop-up stores? They’re usually trying to sell things and most people ignore them. But last week, I was feeling generous, so I stopped and let the friendly staff member give me their sales pitch, and I ended up entering my name into the draw to win a prize. Well, I just got a call saying I won! 

The competition was run by a company offering budget kitchen renovations. Melbourne has a few of these around, but I looked my company up and they’re really reputable. Imagine that – simply being nice to a salesperson now means I get a whole new kitchen for free! From now on, I’m going to smile at every stranger I pass in the street. I’m going to volunteer at my local animal shelter. I’m going to… I’m going to… spend the day planning the design of my new kitchen! 

I’ve been looking at images for inspiration all day and I think I’ve got a pretty good idea of what I want. I can see it now: dark wood, green cabinets, lots of natural light. My current sink is too small to fit everything I need, so I’m excited to get a new stainless steel one. Best of all, the kitchen installation and assembly cost doesn’t even affect me – everything’s free! Before the consultants and planners can come in to start my kitchen, there’s a lot of paperwork I have to sign. While reading over my contracts, I noticed many aspects of the renovation process I honestly hadn’t thought of before, like the fact that we’ll need expert plumbers and other craftsmen to actually build the materials before we install them. Apparently, I’m also going to be interviewed and featured in their monthly magazine – how exciting!