Needing an Agent

I’ve been thinking about moving for a while now. I like where I live at the moment, but it’s just so far from my work. I have two jobs in the Bayside area of Melbourne, but I live in the northern suburbs, so it’s quite a trip to get there. One of my jobs is in the public library and another is at the local museum, so remote working isn’t really an option. That means I’m spending over an hour each way to get to work, every day. It really isn’t sustainable. The biggest problem, though, is that houses in the Bayside area are really expensive. While I may be working some pretty standard jobs, I’m actually a high-profile person. See, I was in this really famous commercial as a kid (you know, the one where the kid is floating through space and says “Did you know that stars make wishes come trueeeee?”), so everybody assumes I must be super rich by now. But I left the acting business after that and really am just a regular person. So, my worry is that if I try to buy a house, they’ll make me pay more for it just because I’m kind of famous.

Because of that, I’ve been trying to find a buyer’s advocate near Brighton, since I’ve heard that having an agent on your side can really help with this whole process. I still have some contacts in the acting business, including my friend Jimmy, who has millions of dollars from the movies he has been in. He told me that when he was looking for a house, he got in contact with the best buyer’s advocate in the south Melbourne area and they kept his identity completely anonymous while dealing with the real estate agents. That sounds like exactly the kind of thing I need. Through a buyer’s agent, I’ll be able to purchase a house with nobody even realising that I’m the kid from the commercial. Having a buyer’s agent will certainly save me money, given my situation, so I think I’ll be making the right choice.