Thanking The Boss

Twenty minutes ‘til knock off. How great! The sun is shining, the beverages will be flowing and the boys will be going straight from the factory to the pub. If that doesn’t sound good for a Thursday afternoon, I don’t know what does. The work boys and I always go out for drinks on a Thursday night because it’s Weekend Eve Eve. We like to start the weekend celebrations early because it makes the work week feel like it’s going quicker. By having Thursday drinks, on Wednesday you pretty much feel like it’s almost the weekend. I highly recommend doing it.

I find it funny when we go out for drinks because we all drive our utes to the pub. We only have a couple of drinks over multiple hours so that we’re allowed to drive home. But I digress. I find it funny because if you look out into the car park, you see a long line of utes decked out with toolboxes. Every now and then you’ll also see an aluminium half canopy, just to keep things interesting.  

If you ask me, it’s pretty funny. Actually, if you ask all the boys, it’s pretty funny. We all have the same humour. We’ve been making jokes about our ute toolboxes ever since our boss paid for us to get them all installed. Our boss isn’t invited to Thursday drinks for obvious reasons, but he is a good guy and we do appreciate that he paid for a premium ute tray installation in the Melbourne area for each of us. He could have outsourced the installation and got a poorer quality of the product for each of us, but he decided to go to the big dogs and get them installed right in the heart of Melbourne.

Now that I think about it, we probably should invite our boss to drinks. He’s a good, chill guy and I’m sure he’d like it.