The Conveyancing Conclusion

“I don’t know, Perd. We’ve been to just about every conveyancing firm in the city, with absolutely no luck. If the mysterious man who called me isn’t with these conveyancing lawyers from Carlton, I think it’ll be time to go back and hang out in my tree.”

Perd shook his head, staring at the ground. “I don’t understand why they haven’t wanted to spend time with you.”

“I know right!” said Cosmo. “And yet those conveyancing lawyers working in the Elwood area thought I was joking when I told them about my awesome skills. It makes sense that they want to spend time with people with actual experience in property law and everything like that, but surely I could be helpful in some way.”

“I completely agree,” said Perd. “I think you’d make for a great employee at a conveyancing firm. I felt like you were pretty close to sparking up friendships with the team at that conveyancing firm near Sandringham, so maybe you’re getting better at selling yourself in an interview. And besides—”

From a nearby alleyway came the harsh hiss of a stranger. In the alley stood a tall man in a black cloak. He extended his long arm and motioned for Cosmo and Perd to follow. 

Cosmo and Perd considered each other, each with their lips pursed. Could they trust such a strange fellow?

“Come on, quickly,” the man hissed. “We don’t have much time. Please, hurry.”

Taking a deep breath, Cosmo stepped toward the alley, Perd following closely behind. When they reached the dark stranger, he led them further along the backstreet, constantly checking over his shoulder.

“What’s going on?” Cosmo asked once they came to a stop. “Who are you?”

The man pulled down his hood, his arms covered in long, black gloves. His silver hair shined in the late afternoon sun. “I’m the one who called you this morning. I am not with a conveyancing firm from Carlton, but I do have need of your skills, Cosmo. Will you join me and learn all about the secret order I work for?”