Repairs To My Car

So picking up where I left off, I was telling you about how I had spoken to the car mechanic on the phone and told him about my dire situation. I have also told you guys about my tendency to blow situations out of proportion, which I think was quite a necessary piece of information seeing as this blog post is all about how I do that. 

Well, when I arrived at the mechanic it was clear that he was expecting far worse than what he received. He almost looked disappointed that my car was in such great shape. By the way he was talking, he was looking forward to the challenge and thought that I might need an urgent brake repair. Adelaide mechanics take their jobs very seriously, and he was clearly committed to doing a good job. Unfortunately, I had talked the situation up too much and there wasn’t really anything for him to do. 

Although there wasn’t anything immediately obviously wrong with my car, the mechanic did make sure to do a thorough analysis of it. I told him about how I was concerned about internal damage and he did everything he could to check it out. After he had checked over my car, he said it was in really good condition but he did have to do a car water pump repair because there were a couple of internal issues with it. I couldn’t believe it. 

I was so stressed about my car being damaged after hitting the curb that I went straight to the mechanic. I didn’t even think of the fact that my car could just be slowly getting damaged through no fault of my own. I now have even more things to worry about, but I’m very glad that the mechanic assured me that everything else was okay.  

I wonder how long it’ll take me to start worrying that there are issues with my car again. I’ll give it two weeks.