Blocked Gutter Birds

‘Now those,’ my brother nodded next to me, ‘are some cute baby birds.’          ‘Is there really nothing you can do?’ I sighed, craning my neck to look up. ‘Nothing?’          ‘Sorry, sis,’ he shook his head. ‘If you’ve got baby birds living in your gutter, you’ve got baby birds staying in your warehouse gutter.’ …

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Sewer Exploration

Down into the sewers they went, Maphira and Vai side by side. Maphira held her torch aloft, illuminating the dank depths of Melbourne as her team descended the ladder. Ten of Melbourne’s best, under her command. Maphira couldn’t believe the responsibility she’d been trusted with, but she was committed to doing the captain proud. Only …

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The Sewer Code

By the time Maphira returned to the rest of the squad, they had already arrived at the heavily armoured doors that would lead into the solar facility. Vai stood at the keypad, entering code after code to no avail. The documents they had taken from this place didn’t mention what the code was, but they …

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