Sewer Exploration

Down into the sewers they went, Maphira and Vai side by side. Maphira held her torch aloft, illuminating the dank depths of Melbourne as her team descended the ladder. Ten of Melbourne’s best, under her command. Maphira couldn’t believe the responsibility she’d been trusted with, but she was committed to doing the captain proud.

Only one person had questioned them as they made their way to the sewer entrance, disguised as Melbourne’s finest drainage contractors. “We’re a reputable business for drain inspections near Melbourne, here to conduct a thorough sweep of the sewer system. I can show you our identification if necessary,” Maphira had said. The man hadn’t questioned it any further, simply continuing about his day.

When the last pair of boots dropped to the ground, Maphira motioned for her team to follow her forward. They’d be travelling through the sewer for quite some time before reaching the solar power facility.

As they paced forward, distant drips and splashes echoed through the eerie silence. Horrid smells wafted through each tunnel, and with each corner they turned she had to hold her breath for fear of gagging. For all their excuses as to why they were in the sewers, a proper drain cleaning for Melbourne wouldn’t be amiss. 

They continued on, none of them making a sound. They simply couldn’t risk being caught, if the solar power facility had scouts patrolling the sewers. This mission was one of stealth, and Maphira would be damned if any of her team members let her down.

From a distant tunnel, Maphira picked up the sound of footsteps, sending a chill down her spine. They were not alone in these sewers. An enemy scout? An innocent spelunker? There was no way of knowing for sure, without further investigation.

“Vai, lead on,” she whispered. “I’m going to check that out. I’ll meet up with you soon.”

It was dangerous to go alone, but they simply couldn’t risk losing two members of the team. She’d have to investigate this disturbance by herself.